A Business to Business Idea

Direct Response, Print, CD Rom,
Digital, Data, Promotions

Bell was launching their Internet, Extranet and Intranet proprietary systems. Their competition was Sprint and IBM who had already been in the market over three years.


The challenge was to develop a fully integrated campaign that would speak to two distinctly different target groups: CEOs concerned with profits and IT Directors concerned with systems.


We used the tinker toy. It was the perfect symbol. The connecting rods became Bell’s color blue representing their “wire” and connectivity.


Our main focus was on the IT Directors. They were sent a blue tube. Inside was a set of tinker toys and a letter containing a personalized URL to a new Bell website. When logged on, the site roughly configured a system with animated tinker toys. This also registered them for a draw of a new smartphone and allowed Bell’s salespeople enough information to give them a pre-qualified lead.